Club Lotto Details:

  • Each player must choose 6 numbers between 1 and 59
  • The numbers you choose will remain the same until the game is won
  • Game runs each saturday evening (not wednesdays draw)
  • Numbers are drawn from the UK National Lottery
  • Numbers used are the 6 numbers and not the bonus ball
  • Players numbers marked off as they are drawn out (so if in week 1, a player has 2 numbers drawn out, they only have 4 numbers left to get in the following weeks to win)
  • Game ends when player(s) has all 6 numbers drawn
  • Cost £2 per week to play
  • £1 goes to the club
  • £1 goes into prizefund
  • Jackpot is rolled over each week until we find a winner
  • Results will be displayed on and emailed to each player who has an email address every Sunday
  • Players can pay by standing order with £2 being withdrawn from your account each friday before the saturday draw. (club bank details are below for setting up standing order or making payments).
  • Please check your junk email as you may find the email in there until you mark it as a safe message
  • Numbers will remain the same for all games unless you ask for them to be changed. Email ‘treasurer AT cuchulainnsgaa dot com’ to change
  • Numbers can be changed during the week after the game has been completed and the next game begins
  • People who are more than £20 behind in lotto payments at the start of a new game will NOT be entered into that new game – they will be removed until they pay off what they owe in full and once they pay off what they owe in full they will then be eligible to be entered into the next game.
  • People who are removed from a new game because they are more than £20 behind will have the amount they owe frozen – for example, if at the end of the previous game you owe £28, then the amount you owe will stay at £28 as you will be out of the new game – then once you pay off that £28 in full you will be entered into the next available game [this rule is beneficial to everyone as it will prevent people from building up massive arrears].
  • People who are less than £20 behind in lotto payments at the start of a new game but are more than £20 behind by the end of that game WILL be allowed to stay in that game and WILL get paid out if they win.

Club Bank account details:

Account No: 71856618
Sort Code: 401904
Please be sure to write ‘Club lotto’ followed by your name into the reference part when setting up the standing order for the lotto. Otherwise we can’t be sure that you have paid.